Day 1 is part of the project In Its Own Shadow. Is presented as a single body of work composed of a sculpture with 6 photographs trying to capture and represent London´s light during a day from different locations and times. The sculpture is composed of very thin films, barely microns of extruded polycarbonate. These films transmit light in percentages of color. Its spatial arrangement responds to the passage of daylight (above = dawn; below = dusk) so the work has a vertical reading.

The body of the sculpture is transformed and visually mimicked. It does so in such a way that sometimes the colors are absorbed, they appear and disappear and they mutate as we move through the space, strengthening the relationship between object and subject and invite us to participate in new sensory expectations. However, its colored shadow remains static. As another part of the work are the photographs. They are far from the official paradigms of formality to reach a 
conceptual use seeking the representation of sensations and the idea of the process, implicitly through the decomposition of colors and geolocations of each photograph that 

serve as an essential part to have a complete reading of the work and place ourselves within the spatial margins of the city.

 © danielsolomons, 2020

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