The Sky After Velázquez, 2019. Through a process of deconstruction, reconstruction and construction, the work I present is a representation in terms of linear proportions of the color of the sky of the painting "The Surrender of Breda" by Diego Velázquez, considered one of his best pictorial works. Firstly, using digital media, I dissect a part of the sky according to the maximum measures allowed in the contest. After a geometrization and decomposition in colors I get 10 remarkable colors. Later I divide the section into quadrants and make a study of the percentages of each color and then transform them into linear metric units and arrange them spatially according to the original work. This analysis offers as a result a dialogue between the essence of painting, color and space. An exercise that expands the painting far beyond the limits of the painting to restore the “Velazqueño skies”, through a geometric construction, to its essence.

 © danielsolomons, 2020

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