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Drawings in the air: The abstraction of walking


This exhibition is the result of a physical, mental and emotional journey through the signs of the current Jewish cultural identity in London, which for Daniel Solomons takes on autobiographical nuances. The project is born of a specific drive to discover oneself in the inherited identity context. This vital research will lead the artist to move away from his usual form of representation, such as his objective works in dialogue with light and space, to experiment plastically with interdisciplinary artistic themes and techniques.


Solomons materializes this formal and thematic search, in several roadmaps distributed in the space of the exhibition: from the abstraction of the performative action of walking that takes shape in the creation of drawings in the air and suspended sculptures; to the discovery of the presence and absence of the Jewish community and its demographic and urban displacements in different London neighborhoods, through archive and architectural photography. Olam Haba, the world to come concludes with two documentary video installations that offer a reflection on diverse identities in the current context of the Jewish society.


The veracity and emotion of the testimonies transcends the specific and resonates in the universal. The knowledge of recent history, in the global and ancestral context of the community to which it belongs, invites the viewer to take an architectural, visual and social journey, assimilate and pass it on. A "world to come" where doors, windows and frames become open expectations.


Elena Aparicio, Curator and Accessibility Advisor, Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, MNCARS

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