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Daniel Solomons lives and works in London, UK

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Daniel Solomons, is a British-Spanish artist based in London.


He studied Graphic Arts and MA Sound Art. He is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors and he has won several International Prizes and Awards. His work has been shown nationally and internationally, both in art galleries, museums and mayor institutions.


Central themes in Solomons' work are his fascination with the intricate interplay between memory and notions of identity, and an interest in exploring the urban environment and its constituent elements. The social dimension of architecture, its influence on human interaction and organization, from form to function, became a major focus of his formal research

His artistic repertoire spans drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations, and works incorporating words and writing. Central to his art are themes of identity, memory, space, architecture, humanity, literature, and poetry. Throughout his creative process, he draws upon a rich array of mentalist poets to shape his ideas, emphasizing the importance of immersing oneself in the nexus of images and words.


Employing a minimalist aesthetic, his work primarily involves spatial interventions, particularly through sculptures, utilising diverse materials and stimuli to construct pieces that evoke myriad connections between art, architecture, literature, theory, and practice. These processes entail cycles of deconstruction and reconstruction, often engaging the viewer as an integral component of the work, fostering a performative atmosphere through subtle, intuitive exercises that traverse realms of sensitivity and intellectuality.


More recently, his exploration has extended to the role of sound in activating and defining space, yielding deeper insights into the physical elements that surround us and cultivating a fresh lexicon for spatial perception.


Selected exhibitions include Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer (London), DAMM National Museum of Decorative Arts (Moscow), DSL Collection (France-Moscow), Thames Side Gallery (London), Unit1 Gallery (London), Cervantes Institute (London), UKJFF JW3 Centre (London), Art and Development Factory (Madrid), Centre Sefarad-Israel (Madrid), IVAM Modern Art Institute (Valencia), CAC Contemporary Art Centre-(Málaga), MACM Museum (Madrid), Nieves Fernandez Gallery (Madrid), GARBA (Rome), as well as he participated in Art Chicago Contemporary Art Fair, (Chicago), Pulse Miami Art Fair, (Miami), ARCO-Madrid, (Madrid) or Urvanity Art Fair (Madrid).

His work is in collections such us Museum Gerald Brenan, Royal Society of Sculptors, Unit1 Foundation- London, Heinrich Ehrhardt Collection, DSL Collection, Centre Sefarad-Israel, , Unicaja Foundation or Indra Foundation among others.

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