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FILM DOCUMENTARY, 22 Minutes - 2 projections, 11 minutes each

The main narrative of the stories of Emily Green and Mark Solomon is the loneliness as an individual, fear of the unknown, apprehension, doubts and the necessary courage to search for one’s own identity, to be honest with oneself and act accordingly.  This goes beyond being Jewish. It crosses borders and tries to open spaces of dialogue on certain fundamental and universal rights of a person: the right to decide, social inclusion, women’s rights and those of the LGTB against the power exercised by internal social and cultural dynamics of a community as a regulatory and oppressive machinery on the individual.


Emily Green

Emily was the first woman to successfully abandon the Charedi (ultra-Orthodox) community after a 2-year legal battle, divorcing and gaining custody of her 5 children.Threats, rejection and marginalization in a very hard process, with many decisions and important consequences  Founder of GESHER.EU, an organization that helps and offers support to people who want to leave this strict community. 

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Mark Solomon

Mark is the first Orthodox rabbi who came out publicly in the UK, leaving the orthodox synagogue because of his sexual condition and found his home in the Liberal movement. For quite long time he was the only LGBT Rabbi within the liberal movement and he was the creator of Ketubah, which is the marital contract for couples of the same sex.  Ambassador for interrelations between Liberal Judaism and other religions, Rabbi of the Leicester and Edinburgh communities, Senior Lecture in Rabbinic Literature at the Jewish University “Leo Baeck College” writer and researcher on Judaism and sexuality. He is also a Chazzan (Cantor) 

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