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Daniel Solomons’ latest work invites us to explore the seductive and elusive poetry of matter and image. The polished stainless steel and vinyl sculptures that make up IN BETWEEN search for the sublimation of perceptions and concepts which make you feel that walking through the exhibition is a trip along a changing and thoughtful landscape. As if we read some short metaphysical poems, whose meaning emerges and escapes between the emphasis of the lines and modulations of images and reflections.


The dialogue between inner and outer surfaces is the backbone of these minimalist works. The selection and manipulation of industrial materials such as vinyl and steel, show Solomons’ continuous interest to modify the perception of what is normally found to be coarse and worthless. They acquire simple and complex forms that repeat and vary harmoniously. In their layout, the intersection between light, reflections and colours change with each of our movements. In this way, the relationship between subject and object, inner and outer are a starting point for multiple images that change when taking into account the space and movement.


As if Berkeley’s maxim were followed “esse est percipi”, in the work IN BETWEEN this is quite clear. However, multiplicity and instability of the images activate a series of sensations marked by wonder and uncertainty. Thus, the viewer is able to recognise that in those lines the facticity of the matter and the uncertainty of the image which is a game of reflections; the idiosyncrasies of the subject and ultimately the impermanence. By recognizing the magic that arises and escapes between these lines the viewer’s illusion of omniscience vanishes. With this subtle dynamics a walk BETWEEN LINES is full of investments and discoveries.


Delirium calms down and the heaviness fades away. Coldness is wrapped by a sublime beauty and we can enjoy the space from the deep lyricism that arises between its lines.

Gracia Ramirez,

Writer, Researcher and Senior Lecture in Film Studies at UAL London, UK 

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