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Printing on Rag Photographique 310 gr paper with HP Vivera K3 Ultrachrome mineral

pigment inks and text.

Mounted on 10mm Kapafix.


225 x 90 cm/225 x 35

Landscapes of Memory, is a series of photographs interspersed with texts about my tour of the Gerald Brenan House-Museum and which delve into the profound interaction between memory and space.
Each photograph is arranged as visual codes (following a spatial and temporal order) that aim to capture the essence of a moment and, at the same time, open a door to the exploration of deeper connections between the past and the present.
On the other hand, the texts not only testify to inquiry and memory, but also invite us to an introspective journey, expanding the contemplation of the image towards a sensory chronicle of the space and its history.
This symbiosis between the image and the text adds depth and resonance to the work, fusing two forms of expression in the same space, where the extremes converge: the fading of the photograph and the appearance of the written text. In this exchange, the image and the text not only dialogue, but also trigger joint meanings.

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