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Contemporary society operates within the “mobility paradigm,” characterised by the constant flux of people, ideas, and commodities across global networks. Urban spaces, as epicentres of this paradigm, blur the lines between local and global, fostering a culture of perpetual movement and exchange. Within this context, anthropologist Marc Augé’s concept of “non-place” offers a lens to examine transient spaces devoid of historical or social significance, yet rich in modern experience.

My research project aims to delve into the existential dimensions of non-place experiences within urban environments, shedding light on the lived realities of non-place existence.

Through this exploration, I seek to uncover the nuances of human experience within the ever-shifting dynamics of modern mobility, aiming to deepen understanding of how individuals inhabit and imbue meaning into the contemporary urban landscape, and understand how they negotiate their identities within these liminal spaces.

In this investigation, I embarked on a journey through diverse urban landscapes using various modes of transportation. This journey not only served as both methodology and inspiration but also offered first-hand experiences of contemporary mobility. It resulted in a flood of images, sensations, and emotions that form the conceptual and artistic foundation of the project.

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