35 º, 2011


The series 35 degrees is a succession of paintings with a plastic determination based in the parameters of volume, matter, texture, color and space. They are paintings that are find the limit, extracting the figure from the two-dimensional plane and giving it physical volume real and not just depicted. The idea of ​​"painting" is reformulated, and proposes a redefining painting beyond the parameters we normally attribute to said discipline, such as two-dimensionality, the physical limits of the support and the preponderance of the optical element, for, using expandability criteria, transcend the physical space of the painting. Located in a border territory between objects, sculpture and painting, in a kind of in between, three-dimensional overcoming challenges the two-dimensional shape and reflect the desire for construction in space and the search of the physiological thresholds of vision. Therefore, they are pieces in search of that third dimension, which are not satisfied with hang on the wall as simple pictures, but seek to break the limits of the two dimensions and occupy space. The use of industrial materials in aseptic and clean ways directly and clear and the apparent coldness of pieces articulated from geometric surfaces, offers us a multisensory approach to the work, accentuating the incidence of light and formal coherence. A play of light and shadow, where form and light go changing depending on the position of the viewer and act as passageways of a reality to another, overcoming the limits of perception and transforming experiences. In this sense, said defined structure regulates the flow and the relationship between the scientific foundation of perception and artistic creation where reality and its appearances, that is, subjective perception and objective experience of the real focus their attention on the emotional impact and find an artistic tension transcendent to the object itself






35º, 2011, ARTIST BOOKS


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