THE INVISIBLE  It is a project based on the perception of the city. Born as a way and investigation to present the city, not only as a stage in which something happens, but as an object in itself.  It explores the essence of a mental map concept, the structures of individual perception and thought as an abstract construction that allows us to situate and understand the environment in which we live.  It also raises concepts of social and individual behaviour in the contemporary urban route as a space for everyday life in which we assume landscapes, behaviours and limits within our daily becoming.  Through several time‐space situations in the city and through my own performative action and documentation of transiting certain spaces, I generate a file of data, forms, images and urban signs.  Thanks to these reviews, I make a set of pieces formed by drawings, photographs, sculptures and video, which serve the spectator, in a kind of performance exercise, as references to be located within the spatial margins of the city. What is intended is to trigger the imaginary, perception and mental map of a city "not visible" omitting the image as a whole, but through the recording of common images and sounds, usually abandoned or assumed and that we adopt in the environment in which we live , but essential for the construction of the image of urban space. Therefore, the visual narrative of the exhibition encourages us to assume new meanings, new landscapes and invites us to a fictitious occupation within the busy space, to represent it, to recreate it and to interpret it subjectively through the perceived.

 © danielsolomons, 2020

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