OLAM HABA, THE WORLD TO COME, 2018 Away from my habitual themes of representation by a concrete drive and through a social and architectural journey from a sometimes autobiographical look, the project is defined as an investigation into the currents, intensities, forms and signs of the current Jewish cultural identity. I explore some factors come from Judaism, others from the interaction of Jews with the society around them, and others from the internal social and cultural dynamics of Jewish communities. In this regard, I address different aspects such as the presence and absence of communities, the coherence between function and space and the conversion of that space in place, contemporary identity and accessibility to fundamental and universal rights, the spaces of dialogue of the communities and for the society around them, LGBT rights, contemporary social inclusion, etc. A plastic experimentation articulated in various forms of representation such as photography, video‐installation, drawing and sculpture, which allow me and help me to focus my own journey without leaving out the rest of the story.

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