This work is the artistic transfiguration of subjective fears and achievements, which is a reflection of the struggle to recover what has been learnt and the fruits of a past reality.  The absence of memory -amnesia-, the alienation after oblivion –the loss of knowledge- , some of them basic, produce a weakness in the track of identity and they obstruct vital and intellectual development without any limitations.  The outcome of it all, and the acquisition of new knowledge, the continuous construction of our identity, the recognition of who one is and who one might be through plastic representation as a means of expression and personal evolution within a reality, and some circumstances have caused a close look which conceives the complex and delicate framework called memory, storage of thousands of boxes that form us to become what we are.


To conclude, I think that the capacity of the artistic expression exceeds art itself and it is personified through the liberation of forms, representations, symbols and incisions.   As George Steiner states “art is more than art”, it is the overcoming of a state of mind.

Publicación Libro. El Traje Gris. Fundación Unicaja. Málaga 2007.

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