In my work I generally establish an intense dialogue with space and light, creating a relationship that facilitates a visual and mental commitment to objects, thus strengthening the relationship between object and subject. Throughout this process I use an important list of mentalist poets who help me a lot to shape ideas and accompany me throughout the process. That is why I think that reading poetry also implies, in addition to an aesthetic pleasure, a construction work to approach what a poem can tell us. As Paul Válery wrote, ideas are born from words.
This past year (2019) I have been investigating the physical concept of light itself trying to generate sculptural installations.
This artwork was born after reading a Li Young Lee poem, from the book Behind my Eyes, in which I highlight a fragment:
“And what else did I learn? That the light is born from the darkness to usurp its ancient rank”.
Through an exercise of deconstruction and reconstruction, I use the sky to generate a reflection journey on time, space, light and colour.
I took photographs each day of London’s sky from different locations and different times to intend to capture the light using the sky as the big lamp of the city. After this, I decomposed with digital media each picture into colours stripes. Then I transferred, from the virtual to the material, all those colours into polycarbonate films that made the colour layers of the sculpture. The result is counting the time in colours, and making the sculpture shadow become light, because in the end, colour is light.


Thames Side Gallery, 2020, London, UK


Unit1 Gallery-Workshop, Radical Residency, 2019, London, UK

In Its Own Shadow, Artist' Book

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