IN BETWEEN, 2014 Sculptural installation of polished stainless‐steel objects that are framed within a minimalist aesthetic of shape, colour and texture, which show a concern for volume and surface and establish an intense dialogue with space and light.  With a new material and conceptual identity, these reflective surface objects are intimately related to their surroundings. They mutate as we move through space defying our perception with illusory effects, lines, intermingling of planes, changing perspectives, and reflection of colours, creating a relationship that facilitates a visual and mental commitment to objects. To this diffusion of colour, one must sometimes add the face of The Spectator, which has been present as an integral element from the beginning until the visual closing of each work, and in this way they explore symbolically aspects such as the presence and the absence. In this sense, this structure regulates the flow and the relationship between the scientific basis of perception and artistic creation where reality and its appearances, i.e. subjective perception and objective experience, focus their attention on the emotional impact and they find an artistic tension transcendent to the object itself.

Publicación libro. In Between. Instituto Municipal del Libro. Área de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Málaga. Málaga 2014.

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