In Its Own Shadow, 2019. 

This artwork was born after reading a Li Young Lee poem in which I highlight a fragment:
“What else did I learn? That the light comes from the darkness to usurp its former rank”.
In an exercise of deconstruction and reconstruction of London´s sky the art piece generates a reflection journey on time, space, light and colour. With my own perfomatic action to travel around the city during the first 14 days of the residency I took 2 photographs of London’s sky from different locations and times to intend to capture the light using the sky as the “big lamp” of the city. After I decomposed the pictures of London´s Sky with digital media into colours and then I transferred all those colours into polycarbonate films that made the colour layers of the sculpture. The result is counting the time in colours and making the colour shadow become light.
Because in the end,colour is light.
All the documentation of the art work has been stored separately in an unique artist book which
contains the 28 original photographs of London´s Sky, 28 sheets of decomposed colours of those photos,
28 sheets with the time and location and the 28 routes that I have made.

 © danielsolomons, 2020

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