FLESH, 2020


in a kind of circular movement, I created a piece of art inspired by Mae Maze's visual and conceptual references. Mae Maze will later create a piece of clothing based on my piece. In this way we close the circle. A creative hatching that offers us new forms of representation and thought. My piece explores the relationship between body and architecture in the fashion designer's creations. With a plastic determination based on parameters such as volume, matter or surface, I analyse the methods and forms of Mae Maze's compositions, and then, reformulates these approaches dissecting the human body. I reconfigure the human figure as if they were light layers of skin and breaks it down geometrically into 36 small heavy paper figures, 18 in men and 18 in women, strengthening the unisex identity of the brand. An exercise in construction, deconstruction and reconstruction in which I use various visual expressions based on photography, drawing and finally reached the sculptural object The selection and manipulation of noble materials such as paper, oak and steel, and their arrangement as a "whole", generate tonal variations and create the effect of light and shadow in the composition. With this subtle dynamic "Flesh" invites us to explore the elusive and seductive poetics of matter and image, but also of fashion, architecture and artistic creation.


 © danielsolomons, 2020

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